Rotary Blade Shaver or Foil Shaver Review

A lot of men are looking to make the switch to electric shavers and for good reason. After all, they’re more effective and more efficient. I made the same choice a couple of years ago and didn’t look back since.

Back then, I found out that there are two options, and choosing the best one can be overwhelming. If you’re making the switch to electric shavers now, you’re probably torn as to which option to choose – rotary blade or foil shaver.

In order to make the right choice, it’s important to know more about your options.


Rotary Blade Shaver or Foil Shaver

The rotary blades were popularized by brands like Philips and Remington. Just as the name implies, this electric shaver has rotary blades. Usually, there are three circular cutters positioned to create a triangle. These blades rotate in order to give you a shave.

Since it’s a rotary blade, it works best if you use it across your face using slow and deliberate movements. In order to maximize it, it’s also best if you use rotating movements when using it.


If you’re more comfortable with the manual razors but you want to try an electric one and you want to know which one to choose; you may want to try the foil shaver first.

This is what I did before because the foil shaver is more similar to manual razors than the rotary blades option. This is especially true for the Braun foil shaver razors.

Foil shavers are shaped like the manual razors except that the former is thicker. Instead of two or three blades, foil shavers have a series of knives that are placed inside a metallic foil that’s shaped like the head of a manual razor.

This is designed in a way that the metallic foil raises the hair that you want to shave. On the other hand, the hidden knives vibrate to give you a shave.

Instead of using it in a slow and rotating motion, you need to use it like a manual razor, meaning you have to use long and straight movements.


Which one is better – rotary blade or foil shaver? The foil shaver worked fine for me when I first bought it, especially when shaving the area around my chin. However, I found out that it’s not perfect when using it on my face.

This is why I tried the rotary shaver. With its bigger head, it works perfectly when I’m shaving my face including my cheeks. However,

I soon realized that it doesn’t really do a good job at shaving the area around my chin. This is why I was happy that I didn’t let go of my foil shaver.


If you can, it’s best to buy both. You can use the rotary blade shaver for your face area and then use the foil shaver for your chin area.

This is the best way to a perfect shave. But if you have to choose just one, you can start with the foil shaver if you’re used to shaving manually since they require the same movements.

But really, you wouldn’t go wrong with a rotary shaver even if it requires a change on how you shave. It’s very easy to use and can lead to a much smoother face.

Sure, you’d have to spend more time shaving your chin area, but that’s not really a problem if you’re looking for the best shave.

But again, when it comes to foil or rotary shaver, it’s best that you get both. Electric shavers are cheaper nowadays anyway. Since you’re going to make the switch, might as well make it right.

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