Philips Norelco 1290X Review

Philips Norelco 1290X Review: What Makes It The Best All-Around Razor To Ever Touch My Skin

Shaving can turn out to be quite the task, and this is especially true if you’re relying on low quality razors to do the job. Finding a product that is reliable while balancing out the cost and result is exactly what should be your top priority.

Right now we’re going to discuss the Philips Norelco 1290x, ensuring we cover everything you’ll need to know in terms of what this razor can do for you – especially if you’re on the fence about purchasing. Let’s get to it!

The first thing you’ll notice is that it looks quite unusual for an electric razor. I’ve actually been using it for weeks and still find this strange, although I became well aware of the way it works as well as its general positives/negatives.

I can tell you for sure that the SensoTouch 3D design technology isn’t as new as Philips Trimmer & Shavers will have you believe, although it’s certainly a good update in comparison to the previous models. There are new features and advances worth mentioning.


When Philips claims that this is the cleanest and closest shave you could possibly achieve, they tend to be right for the most part. There’s a multitude of impressive features put together in this one strange design.

If you want the exact specs which frankly don’t matter, head out to Amazon as here we’re going to address things a regular man will want to know about when he’s actually using the 1290x constantly.

After trying it out extensively for a few weeks, I found that the mere comfort and reliability this model offers makes up for its design and price. There’s a rotary triple-head on it that make it look like it was crafted by aliens.

What you’ll notice about the rotary blades is that they sit on separate axis, providing for their individual mobility. You’ll need only a few minutes to shave using it.


You don’t want to overlook battery power if you’re in the midst of purchasing an electronic shaver because it’s important to know whether the battery will actually last. Considering that it’s actually well over an hour, it’s more than you could possible need.

I managed to get a good 15-20 days out of it before recharging. If you’re the adventurous type and like to go off on long vacations without planning, this is the perfect razor for you as it’ll actually work when you need it the most. I also noticed that the battery takes only an hour to recharge.


It’s understandable. I don’t mind using a shaving cream, but if you’d rather shave dry because you don’t enjoy dealing with the mess that can turn out to be – this model let’s you do just that.

It can handle every type of hair and was specifically designed to let you shave in any particular way of your liking.

There are some useful trimming tools that come with the package, allowing you to treat different types of hair and sideburns. This is one of those things that justify its high price tag – it’s up to you to decide how you prefer to use it.

Razor burn is hard to deal with, especially for a grown man. The good news is that the 1290x comes with some extremely mobile shaving heads as well as a special coating (lots of detail) which basically ensure it gliding over your skin instead of irritating it.

Norelco 1290X is your best bet if you’d like to combine a close shave with comfort: It hits the sweet spot, makes you oblivious to discomfort and contributes to its overall effectiveness with every stroke.

In most cases electric razors (even similar high end ones) won’t let you know about when your power is about to run out, meaning that they’re unreliable.

However, the 1290X has a display right under its power button letting you know of the lengthiness of your battery life. There’s no way you’ll “suddenly” run out of power (unless you forget to recharge!).


Thanks to the GyroFlex 3D technology that provides for tilting in every direction, you no longer actually have to put additional pressure in order to get a close shave. This razor basically conforms to all your specific curves while providing a great deal of comfort.

It also has a practical grip, letting you attain full control over it, and its trimmer is precise down to the last millimeter. This will come in extremely handy when you want to shape a mustache/beard.


I personally hate it when I have to go over leftover hairs, holes and channels over and over again or have to step under strong light just to make sure I’ve gone over every last detail.

There are 3 shaving tracks to address every type of hair length and you’ll only need a few passes to get rid of it all efficiently.


Absolutely none. That is probably the best part. This razor is about as luxurious as it can get, and it’s also friendly for extended isolated vacations/road trips. You’ll be able to shave as you’re showering, or shave dry without the concerns that come with it.

There’s also a touchscreen showing you the time you have left before you have to recharge it. As mention, it’s going to last an upwards of 20 days.


Does it sound pretty good, knowing of all the things it can do for you? You might change your mind in a bit though.

The reason why is because it’s a high-end device, hence expensive. This tends to be a common issue with most high end electric razors and discourages people, though I strongly feel it was worth the investment.


The majority of feedback its received has been positive. I’ve also noticed how some men claimed it can deliver a cleaner shave than a manual blade. Not far from the truth.


It actually works as good as the manufacturer leads you on to believe and shaving probably can’t get any better – past this point. If you can afford the price tag, Philips Norelco 1290X SensoTouch 3D is absolutely a no-brainer!

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