MLAY Permanent Hair Removal Device Review

Nowadays, beauty and self-grooming are playing a key role in individuals lives, people are willing to spend as much as possible to be at their best at all time. But unfortunately, the time to spend in salons getting these heavy routines done over and over again is not available to anyone.

Our environment is a busy one, with loads of to-dos on our everyday calendar. Keeping up with this self-grooming is a major challenge, most especially if it has to be done in the salon.

Taking frequent trips to the salon every now and then to get rid of unwanted hair is no doubt a stressful routine. But do you know all these routines you go to do at the salon can be done at your home if you have the right devices?

Of course yes! All those your beauty rituals can be done at your home if you have a good hair removal device. MLAY Permanent Hair Removal Device is all that you need to put a stop to all those your salon trips.

MLAY is a new generation Chinese based beauty product company that takes interest in manufacturing hair removal devices that can help you do your grooming all by yourself without having to visit a salon.

Despite the fact that this company has only been around for only 6 years, It has manufactured hair removal devices that are highly rated in the market by its previous users.

MLAY majorly has two great IPL hair removal devices that have caught our attention. They are MLAY T3 and MLAY M3. These two hair removal devices from MLAY are great hair removal devices. But right here, we will take a detailed look at MLAY M3 hair removal device.

MLAY Permanent Hair Removal Device
MLAY Permanent Hair Removal Device

Features Of MLAY Permanent Hair Removal Device

MLAY M3 is indeed an exceptional device and it has all it takes to give you a clean sweep within a short period of time. This device has an IPL treatment window which is 3.9cm2 in size. Asides that, it also have 300,000 flashes which are enough to cover your hair removal process for about 12 years.

If you want to experience the best of this device, use it continuously for about 4 weeks for the first four consecutively treatments(once a week). After this first four weeks, you can then make adjustments to its usage( once in 2 weeks). This treatment will continue for 14-18 weeks. Finally, you can adjust to using it once every month until you achieve desired results.

The working principle of MLAY permanent hair removal device is quite simple, the IPL of this device pass through two different sensors which are skin contact and skin tone sensor before being supplied through a UV filter which happens to be integrated. To moment the sensors in on this device touch your skin, a green light is emitted which helps to protect your skin.

Indicator lights and flash buttons: MLAY permanent hair removal device have two separate indicator lights which are located at the head along the upper sides. It also has flash buttons which can be used to emit pulses.

LED screen and flash head that are replaceable: These accessories are major parts of this device and due to the mechanism of the device, they get damaged easily. These part of this device was made in such a way that it can be replaced by another. The primary function of these devices is to guide you through the treatment process. It shows the energy status of the device, the temperature, and the remaining pulses.

Body suitability: MLAY permanent hair removal device can be used by both men and women. It can also be used on different parts of the body, including underarms, chest, bikini lines, legs, arms, and back.

Five Energy levels: This device is corded, which means you have to plug it to a power source anytime you wish to make use of it. With its 5 energy levels, you have the opportunity to adjust the level of energy to suit your body. This enhances the effective and safe treatment of your skin. On an average, it emits about 3.5 to 5 joules per cm2.

Skin color and hair type suitability: The usage of this device is strictly based on some particular skin types and hair types. These suitable hair types include black, brown, and dark brown. It shouldn’t be used on hair colors like white, red, light blond, golden blond and grey hairs. Regarding the skin types, it is suitable for, we have ivory, light blond, light brown, and beige. On the other hand, it is inappropriate for dark brown skin, brownish black skin and brown skin.

Best Permanent hair removal device
MLAY Permanent Hair Removal Device

What MLAY Permanent Hair Removal Device Has To Offer

It’s quite obvious that the demand for a much better way to remove unwanted hair from the body without visiting a salon is everywhere. Both men and women want to look sparkling clean, but they find it difficult to visit a salon. With the help of MLAY Permanent Hair Removal Device, you don’t have to bother about that anymore. This handheld device will take care of all that you intend going to a salon for.

One funny truth about hair removal is that the hair on your body will always grow back. Which means you will have to keep visiting a salon if you don’t have a way to take care of your unwanted hair at home. This MLAY permanent Hair Removal Device has come to change that and give you the comfort you deserve, without draining your pockets.

IPL ( impulse light technology)

Unlike other types of hair removal device, MLAY Permanent Hair Removal Device has a modern IPL technology. This technological treatment of the hair on the skin is not ablative, neither is it invasive. It makes use of high-intensity pulses to get rid of unwanted hair on the body. This technology does not have a single negative effect on the epidermis, which is the upper layer of the skin. It only targets the dermis, which is the lower layer and this helps in the effective removal of unwanted hair.

The IPL technology used in this device is a computerized flashgun. With its advanced technology, it is able to emit an intense but visible broad spectrum light. This intense light helps to prevent the regrowth of hair on the surface of the skin. Despite the fact that this device makes use of advanced technology, it is 100% user-friendly and it is very easy to operate. Even newbies that have no previous experiences with other types of hair removal device can make use of this device. MLAY Permanent Hair Removal Device is safe and easy to use.

Skin tone sensor

MLAY Permanent Hair Removal has featured in place that takes monitors the safety of its users, one of which is the skin tone sensory. This sensor detects if the device is suitable for a particular skin type or not. If it is safe to use, the green light on the head will on and this will initiate the working process.

Accompanying this device is safety goggles that help protect your eyes when using this device. It is not safe to look at the green light without the goggles on. With this in place, you will be able to make effective use of this device without causing more harm to any part of your body. MLAY Permanent Hair Removal was designed with the safety of its users in mind.

With its adjustable energy level, you can adjust the performance if you feel you are not getting exactly what you want from its present state. The higher the energy level and intensity, the faster and more active the hair removal process. However, it is best to start from a lower level before advancing to a higher energy level. But you should know that the pain will increase as well.

Quick Overview Of Both The External and Internal Features of MLAY permanent Hair Removal

  • 100% warranty
  • A replaceable HR Lamp with 120,000 Flashes and it also have five energy level.
  • Corded and it also makes use of AC power
  • User manual, safety goggles and the device itself
  • It is standard white in color
  • Inbuilt skin sensor
MLAY Permanent Hair Removal Device
MLAY Permanent Hair Removal Device


To conclude, MLAY M3 Home IPL Hair Removal has a topnotch device that every one of us should have in our closet. Speaking of which, it is small in size, which means you can take it anywhere with you, be it a trip or a vacation.

With this device, you can wave goodbye to razors and salons because you won’t be needing them anymore. More so, you won’t have to shave over and over again all in the name of maintaining a clean skin. The technology inside this hair removal device will help to reduce the regrowth of hair on the surface of your skin.

MLAY Permanent hair removal device has a lot to offer, you will only get to know that rest after getting yours.

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