Best Trimmers For Men

Taking out that undesired hair from face and body has begun long ago. The shaving and the methods related with it progressed a lot as the time marched on. The shaving tools transformed a lot compared to the original ones as well. The development from simple shaving stones to standard beard trimmers helped people a lot.

The metal razors started to make their presence felt after the late 18th century. Every one used to go to barbers before this. But there was someone who was dreaming about men shaving themselves without going to a barber.

And he designed the primitive safety razor by positioning a wooden guard on the metal. After that realization, the shaving tools progressed fast.

And slowly the electric shavers started to appear. It started way back in 1937 when the Remington introduced its first Model E close shaver. It was an instant success as it was the world’s first ever electric dry shaver.

And with the changing times manufacturers started to make double heads trimmer and it was available to the public.

The idea was so well liked that even some airlines started to put it in their standard equipment and passengers begun to sharpen themselves while on the go. After that inventors continuously worked on the advancement of trimmers and come up with many new versions.

 People usually get confused between a trimmer and a shaver as there are many trimmers available in the market. Let’s have a look at the types of trimmers.

Types of Hair Trimmers

There are many textures of hairs and they need different types of trimming blades to be functional. This is the reason a trimmer built for the face is not suitable for other parts of the body.

These are the main types of trimmers available in the market.

Hair Trimmers: These are the ones that people usually prefer as these can be used on any part of the body. But it is not recommended though, as the skin and the hair texture is totally distinct on the different parts of the body, and using a trimmer that is built for one skin and hair type can be harmful to other parts of your body.

Beard Trimmers: They serve you according to its name, as beard trimmers are designed particularly for trimming your beard. Whether you want to have a nice thick beard, stubble, or a Viking beard, a beard trimmer will always help you.

There are a number of beard trimmers and are of different types. You have to plug in some, and some can operate on battery.  Some are more detailed; while some are average.

Ear and Nose Trimmers: These are the ones that suit your skin type as the skin inside the nostrils and the skin on our ears are very delicate, that is why you require specific trimmers, and these trimmers are perfect to trim the hair in those areas.

Shaver: Shavers are also another type of gadgets that shave the face. But they are distinct from trimmers; shavers take off all the hair off the face completely. As shavers provide you a clean look, the blades often come in contact with your skin no matter what.

And this repeated process can result in skin hardening, and some people complain about skin irritation when they start to use electric shavers.

Groomers: Groomers are much like hair clippers, but they are particularly built to cut hair on the body. For men, groomers are very helpful in trimming the hair on the chest, abdomen, and armpits.

Groomers generally come with the non-adjustable heads and it has a single head to trim the hair. Most of the groomers also have length settings, and that help you to keep your hair to a certain length on your body if you want.

Difference between Trimmer and Shaver

Most of the people might usually get confused when it comes to the difference between a trimmer and shaver as both are used to trim or shave the hair on the face.

 Simply you can put it this way; trimmers can cut and help maintain a beard where as a shaver can help to get a clean shave only.

So if you don’t want to shave and like to wear a 3-day beard or like a 1 mm beard on you then trimmer is ideal for you.

But if you are one of those who shaves daily, then you can go for a shaver.

Multi Groom Kits

As most men and women require mixture of trimmers, shavers, and groomers, some manufacturers designed one more category of grooming by name Multi-Groom Kits.

They are all electrical products with just one motor, but have different changeable heads. Each head offers different function, and therefore, can be used for multiple purposes.

There are many benefits of multi-groom kits. They are not that expensive, quite handy, and you have to handle just one machine instead of multiple machines. But the problem is that they don’t provide the results with all the functionalities that they offer. You have to pick between an all-rounder and a specialist.

Reasons Why You Should Use Trimmer over Razor:

Trimmer gives you the freedom to adjust the length of your facial hair: A razor can be only used for shaving. So there is no chance of trimming or maintaining beard. As most trimmers usually have an adjustable blade, it permits you to select a different style of beard whenever you groom your facial hair.

Handy and lightweight – If you carry the whole shaving equipment while travelling it will definitely take a lot of space in your luggage as compared to this powerful trimmer which can easily fit in your bag.

Almost all the trimmers provide a strong and very-silent motor, an ergonomic style and blades that are skin friendly and importantly a comb tips for the better performance on kids and men’s hair.

Faster trimming: You just have to charge the trimmer then it can serve you accordingly. The trimmer has the motor inside which swiftly trims your facial hair without damaging your skin. As the head of the trimmer is adjustable you can adjust according to the type of your face which minimizes the danger of cuts and scratches.

Multi-purpose: As we discussed above there are trimmers for every type of hair. Some of them can help you in taking care of the hair on your chest, ears, and eye-brows also.

There are some trimmers particularly built to remove the toughest hair on your body with ease. If you use a razor or a pair of scissors it would be dangerous for your skin or make things uneasy for you. It may also hurt you.

Trimmer is soft on your skin: Most of the men think that only a razor can give a close shave. But some trimmers and shavers are so sharp that can give you a closer shave just like a razor. Some manufacturers are making trimmers and shavers waterproof also.

So that, you can use it even while you are in the shower. And above all, you can use a trimmer without applying shaving foam or gel.

So there are many types of trimmers and shavers available in the market. These are some of best trimmers.

Wahl Aqua Blade Rechargeable Wet Dry Lithium Ion Deluxe Trimming Kit with 4 Interchangeable Heads for Shaving

best hair trimmers
Best Trimmers For Men

Panasonic ER-GB30-A44B

Best Trimmers For Men
Best Trimmers For Men

Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit, Beard Trimmer (8 Pieces)

best hair trimmers
Best Trimmers For Men

Philips Series 5000 Norelco Electric Cordless One Pass Beard and Stubble Trimmer with Washable Feature, Black and Silver

Best Trimmers For Men
Best Trimmers For Men

Remington PG6170 Crafter trim & Detail Kit, Men’s Groomer, Beard Trimmer with Titanium-Coated Blades (12Piece), Copper

Best Trimmers For Men
Best Trimmers For Men

So if you’re thinking to buy a trimmer that is quite affordable and reliable also. Then do a little bit of research and consider the choices that we have stated above.

Anyone who is interested in getting a beard trimmer will definitely look for quality and the right amount of features. And as people always crave for durability and features, we have stated above only the best quality beard trimmers with excellent features. Here are some things that you must think about before purchasing the beard trimmer.

Brand and Quality: There are number of beard trimmers of various brands out there in the market, most men do not have a particular preference for brands, but some people generally buy the branded product and think it is perfect.  But it’s better to look for the beard trimmer rather than going after the popularity of a product.

Safety: Safety is the foremost thing to consider before getting a beard trimmer. It will definitely help you if you pick those trimmers with an outstanding grip to ward off any accidental slips and importantly for electric shock safety and safe cutting heads to intercept cuts or bruises.

Length Options: Almost all the beard trimmers have variety of length options. Therefore you have to check the length of your beard or look whether the one you are purchasing is appropriate for you or not. And don’t forget to check for beard comb attachments with every product.

Battery Life: This one is obviously more important thing to consider. You have to know the battery life of distinct body groomers after charging them. Generally, cordless body groomers take longer to charge and get quite a fair amount of running time for up to 60 minutes. But when we look at corded body groomers, there are no limitations to charging and running time; you just plug them in and use them whenever you want to.


It’s always difficult to get a decent trimmer at an affordable price. But as we suggested you some picks, you can consider them. And if you want you can do a little bit research it will help you. Have a good look at the features offered by a product, and then make smart decision. As your skin is sensitive, safety should be your top priority. And you should take good care of it. So take your time get the best one that suits your needs.

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