Best Razor For Bikini Area

Electric shavers for women have come a long way since they were first introduced after the war. Many will shave pubic hair quickly and, more importantly, safely, as nicks and cuts are impossible.

All shavers shave pubic hair that is soft best. Take a hot shower of bath before shaving pubic areas to soften hair. A lot of bacteria lives in the bikini area, and this will help prevent them getting into the hair follicles after you’ve shaved.

Some electric shavers are good for wet shaving and if yours is, you may even be able to shave in the shower.

Obviously, only battery-operated shavers should be used in the shower and always read the product manual to make sure yours is suitable for shower use.

Some women say that shaving pubic areas wet with an electric shaver gives them a closer shave.

If your shaver can’t be used wet, make sure you dry the pubic hair and skin thoroughly before beginning to shave pubic hair.

Almost all electric shavers work best without shaving cream so don’t use it unless the instructions tell you to. The shaving part couldn’t be easier.

A gentle back and forth motions is usually recommended but try not to go over the same skin too much, as this will increase skin irritations.

1. Rechargeable Eyebrow Trimmer & Facial Hair Remover, 2 in 1 Painless Eyebrow Razor Facial Hair Remover, Eyebrow Lips Nose Body Facial Hair Removal Razor

2. Electric Shaver for Women,6 in 1 Lady Electric Wet/Dry Shaver for Legs & Underarms, Cordless Electric Razor with 2 Cleansing Brush,1 Massager for Face,

3.Rechargeable Electric Shaver for Women – Painless Womans Electric Razor for Legs, Arms, Underarms, Portable Cordless Bikini Trimmer for Women with Wet & Dry Shaver

When women first start shaving pubic areas, red bumps and other skin irritations are common but these should diminish as your skin gets used to being shaved and it’s worth persevering.

Another downside of shaving pubic areas is itching between shaves. As you are cutting the hairs at skin level, this could begin within 24 hours or as soon as the now-sharp hairs start to appear.

If your skin is up to it, shaving daily should prevent this, but never shave bumpy or red and inflamed skin. You could get end up with an infection.

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Bikini Waxing Styles

Removing body hair nowadays cannot get any much easier if not because of waxing. Women often do this method more than men but waxing can generally be applied to both genders. Like any other aesthetic method, bikini wax has its styles and techniques as well.

There’s the sugar waxing where a thick sugary syrup is poured and spread over the hair area and when this happens, the hair gets attached.

After a while, a cloth or any strip of wax paper will be placed on top of the caramelized hair and will be pulled from the opposite direction of hair growth. This process will uproot the hair follicles and will then remove unwanted hair.

But the very basic form of waxing is the one that entails the removal of hair at both the top and bottom of the bikini area.

Thigh hairs will also be removed to avoid hair exposure when women wear bikinis. But perhaps, the most popular method of all is the Brazilian wax method, which is also known by different names like Landing Strip, Hitler’s Moustache and Hollywood.

This type of waxing style involves a complete removal of the majority of pubic hair around the bikini area lining.

It only produces a horizontal strip of pubic hair just above the female’s genital area. Generally, women prefer this method more because it is cleaner and produces long-term results.

Added to this service is the removal of hair found on the anus or buttocks area, and this totally depends on the people’s preference.

People can also find more imaginative ways of waxing by creating styles that involves shapes like heart, arrow or triangle.

But if customers prefer a full-blown bikini waxing, they must just well go for the Full Brazilian Wax, or what people nicknamed as Full Monty which produces a cleaner and bare pubic area.

This way, people won’t get worried anymore of accidentally showing some pubic hair to the public while strutting their bikinis or underwear.

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Shaving Bikini Wax Questions And Answers

Bikini Wax – Frequently Asked Questions

Bikini wax is getting more and more popular and interesting for customers nowadays. It is no wonder that the clients to hair wax shops have gradually increased through the years.

But for those who will be experiencing first time bikini wax, it will be best to read first the 10 most frequently asked question with regards to this method:

What is bikini wax?

Bikini wax refers to the method of removing body hair around the pubic or genital area to prevent unwanted hair exposure when wearing thongs, bikinis or lingerie. It involves the usage of special thick hair wax applied to hair area to remove hair; hence, it is called bikini wax.

Are there styles on doing bikini wax?

Definitely, and customers have a lot of options to choose from. There’s the basic bikini wax, the hearts and other shape hair wax and the ever famous Brazilian wax job.

What is the difference of each?

The difference of each bikini waxing style will depend on the way hairs will be removed. Basic bikini waxing will only remove hairs on a specific area like the buttocks and hairs around the pubic area lining while Brazilian bikini wax will generally remove more hairs and will usually leave a very short strip of hair lining.

Can it be done by myself?

Some styles or techniques can be done alone but it is highly discouraged. There are experts or licensed aestheticians totally trained to perform this method. Better be wise and go to a hair waxing clinic instead of risking some injuries for doing it alone.

Will it produce long-lasting results?

It will really depend on the bikini waxing style you’ll be choosing but generally, they really produce long-term outcomes.

What is the best thing to do to feel comfortable about this method?

Don’t be afraid to ask people who have experienced bikini waxing. Or better consult a hair wax expert for some reliable advice.

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