Best Electric Shavers 2023


Were you aware of the fact that a single man shaves off what amounts to an entire soccer field in just a bit more than a year and a half?

A lot of men (and women as well) find shaving an important part of their looks maintenance, being that facial hair will not always work and a clearer face makes certain individuals feel more attractive.

If you’re currently using a manual razor, you’re probably finding it a painful experience which makes you prone to cuts thus its time consuming and attention demanding as you can never know whether you’re going to cut yourself.

The obvious solution to this is to turn to an electric shaver, and you’ll find a lot of benefits to using one – especially if this is your first time.

For instance, the amounts of time you end up spending will be decreased as you’ll no longer have to use gel and lotion to soften up your skin. You’ll also end up saving on money as a result.

The real issue for some is deciding on which type of electronic shaver to go for and whether a rotary or a foil shaver is better for them.

You can check our article on which one is better for you here: shaver360.com/rotary-blade-or-foil-shaver. You’ll find that one type is actually better for first time users.


If you’d like to be able to go a bit longer between shaves as it’s not really your thing, foil shavers are extremely practical when it comes to achieving that.

You’ll be able to cut the longer hairs with ease, and they provide a lot of flexibility including almost a zero percent chance of cutting yourself as you’re getting a clean shave.

foil shaver head

My first ever shaver that I was using for years was a foil shaver – The Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic. If this is your first electronic shaver purchase, here are some of the top reasons you should purchase it as well as the benefits you’ll be getting:


As mentioned earlier, when it comes to electronic shavers the general principle is that you can choose between foil and rotary types.

The rotary shavers have three clutters which rotate (as the name indicates), and those heads work in a swiveling motion on the surface of your face.

If you want to get a clean shave, you’ll have to be slow with it as you’re letting it make those motions properly.

The bad thing about rotary shavers is that they generate heat in operation, hence you might experience skin irritation as a result.

On the other hand, foil shavers rely on a back and fourth motion as they’re cutting through the hairs.

Braun in particular utilizes the Smart Foil technology that works like this: Your hairs are raised from the skin, they’re cut really close and it doesn’t generate as much heat (never experience skin irritation).

I’ve used this model for years while comparing it to rotary shavers and my conclusion is that movements tend to be swifter, quicker and put less pressure on my skin.

The reason why I recommend this shaver for first time users is because they can get the same benefits while saving money.

Also you’d be glad to know that you only have to replace the clutter once over an 18 month period, while with rotary shavers it’s three times as much.


The series 7 Braun rotary comes with this technology as it basically cleans, lubricates and then recharges your shaver.

On top of that, it’s kept dry in order for your blades to remain fresh (clear and functioning properly) whenever you’re in need of them. You can even wash the shaver head yourself if you don’t want to utilize this system.


If I was to use mathematical terms and percentages for the closeness this shaver gave me, I’d probably say it was somewhere around 98%. The triple action cutting system as they refer to it actually works extremely well.

You might be surprised to find out that its motor actually generates next to 10,000 small vibrations in a minute which can capture every type of hair so you don’t have to go over multiple times trying to get the directions right.


As you have different facial areas, it’s obvious that you can’t be using the same pressure on all and expecting to get that comfortable, clean shave.

The good news is that the Braun Series 7 has different personalization modes for different areas, hence you won’t experience skin irritation and it’s especially reduced in comparison to rotary shavers.


It was actually surprising to find out that I only had to charge it for around an hour to get 50 minutes worth of shaving time.

I actually consider no longer having to deal with lotions and “shaving techniques” a blessing, as shavers such as this one do all the hard work for me. There’s even an LCD screen on it indicating when its time to clean as well as letting you know when you should recharge.


Shaving facial hair follicles constitutes a practice that dates back to time immemorial. Fortunately, the methods utilized have changed and evolved a great deal throughout the course of history.

In order to be thankful that nowadays we can rely on electric shaving devices to eliminate the unwanted hair from our faces, you only need to take a peek at the pumice stones employed by the ancient Egyptians for depilation purposes. Yikes!

Electric razors represent a godsend for those of us who are tired of applying strips of paper towels to absorb the blood from the inevitable accidental cuts. Operating on either oscillating or rotational blade systems, the electric shavers enable us to obtain a perfect shave.

At the same time, switching from the classical razor to the modern electrical version eliminates the need for shaving cream or running water, which in turn means that you can shave with an electric razor anytime, anywhere!

Did we also mention that the annoying post shave irritation is a thing of the past, all thanks to these gadgets?

Nevertheless, as wonderful as an invention the electric razor may be, you will still have to learn how to utilize it properly before reaping all the benefits behind this technology.

Therefore, the following guide will present important shaving tips to put into practice in order to tap into the electrical razor’s full potential.


The pre-shave phase focus on ensuring that your hair follicles and your skin are ready for the razor, but also that the electronic shaving device is up to the challenge.

To put it simply, you should first ensure that the shaving screen is perfectly smooth and that the blades are adequately sharp, otherwise a close shave will not be possible and you might even end up irritating your skin.

After verifying that your electrical razor is good to go, here are the next steps of the preparation process:

  1. Facial scrubbing/washing. The reasons why you will always want to thoroughly wash your face prior to turning on the electrical razor are two-fold. First of all, the water and cleaning agent work together to open up the pores and eliminate dust and impurities that would eventually clog up the blade mechanism over time. Secondly, washing your face will remove a large portion of your dead skin cells, that also tend to get caught in the blades; eliminating them with the razor often leads to irritation.
  2. Allowing the beard to dry. If you read the instruction guide of your razor, you’ll notice that the manufacturer always recommends utilizing the device on dry beards in order to prevent short-circuiting or electrical accidents. Don’t take any unnecessary chances.
  3. Applying a pre-shaving oil. I know that we’ve mentioned electrical razor blades allow you to shave without special shaving creams, but bear with us for a second. The specially formulated solutions we’re referring to here are designed to uplift the follicles and turn them stiff, which makes the blades’ job of pulling and severing them much simpler. In turn, you’ll experience fewer possible irritations – particularly if you have a sensitive epidermis – and lower levels of pull-related painful sensations. On a side note, alcohol based solutions are also viable alternatives.


What you’ll want to do before you shave with an electric razor is to determine your grain pattern, meaning the general growth direction of your hair follicles. You can learn this detail by dragging your fingers across the beards and noticing in which direction you encounter “resistance”.

As previously mentioned, there are two types of electrical razor blades available on the market nowadays – oscillating and rotational.

Shaving with the former category implies that you should first drag the screen across the beard’s surface with the grain and then touch up the remaining follicles by moving it against the grain.

The latter category of razors requires a smooth rotational motion, gradually covering the entire section that you plan to shave.

It’s important to note that most experts deem the oscillating blade razors better for sensitive skin types. Irrespective of the type of category of electrical razor you opted for, a few principles will always apply:

  1. Always hold the device with your dominant hand. The dominant hand allows you to exercise more control over the motions and is particularly advisable to use it for holding the razor when you intend to style the beard rather than take it down completely.
  2. Avoid applying excessive pressure. While you might be tempted to use more pressure in order to get a perfect shave, the truth is that all you’ll manage to do this way is irritate the skin. The same goes for returning on the same section of the face too often. Rest assured that the electrical shaver can achieve optimal results without the extra push on your part.
  3. Shave the higher sensitivity areas at the start. No electrical razor model is able to function extensively without emanating heat. Thanks, Joule effect! Therefore, it is advisable to start with the parts of your face that are slightly more sensitive to temperature and then move onto your more “rugged” features.


The post shaving operations are very similar to what you’d normally do after utilizing a standard straight razor. The only differences consist of the electrical razor maintenance, which we advise you to perform after every use in order to prolong the device’s optimal functionality.

  1. Applying after-shaving lotion. Considering that the shave has turned your epidermis a bit more sensitive by removing the superior layer of cells, a soothing after shave lotion is just what the doctor ordered to prevent your face from irritating. It is particularly recommended to apply the lotion when you’ve utilized an alcohol-based pre-shaving solution.
  2. Getting rid of the hair in the electrical razor. Most models come with their own cleaning brush, which you can use to “sweep” the hair trapped underneath the screen. If you don’t have one, then you could simply dedicate a toothbrush that you are no longer using for the task.
  3. Lubricating the blades (every once in a while).In order to keep the mechanism and the blades running smoothly, spray lubricant on the metal components and run it for a couple of seconds.

So, should you shave with an electric razor or not?
Electrical razors constitute one of the best shaving alternatives, thanks to their convenience and safety.

Trading in your traditional razor for an electric razor will not only help you improve your skin texture and avoid accidental cuts, but also comes with more shaving and beard styling liberty.

Naturally, it takes a bit of practice to get used to the new process of shaving, but we promise you, it’s definitely worth it!